S4261 False Positive when methodname ends with the character a

It seems that SonarAnalyzer.CSharp raises S4261 on methods with a name that ends with a single “a”:
InsertUserDataAsync → raises S4261
InsertUserDataaAsync → OK


Thanks for this report! Can you share which product (and product version) you’re seeing this in?


I wrote the version above. It is the nuget for .Net6/C#

Hello @tna,

Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce the issue on my machine. The problem might be related to some uncommon characters in the method name. Could you attach the original .cs file? I’d like to inspect the character encoding of the method name (You may remove everything from the file except the line with the issue if you can not share the whole file).
It would be of great help if you could also provide the regional format of your machine. It should read something like English (United States) and you can find it in the windows settings.

Best, Martin