S1854 False positive

SonarQube version: 7.9.1
Language: Csharp

In the below code example, SQ raises issue S1854 (Dead stores should be removed) for line:
int exitCode = Program.BatchRunFailed;

However, if an exception is raised in the try-block (before the exitCode is set to BatchRunSuccessful), then the initial exitCode will remain on BatchRunFailed and that will be passed to SaveBatchRun and returned. So I believe it is not a useless assignment.

public async Task<int> Start(IEndpointInstance endpointInstance, IBatchProcessor batchProcessor, BatchOptions options)
            int exitCode = Program.BatchRunFailed;  // const int with value -1
            Exception exception = null;
                await batchProcessor


                exitCode = Program.BatchRunSuccessful;  // const int with value 0
            catch (SystemException e)
                exception = e;
            SaveBatchrun(exitCode, exception);

            return exitCode;

I confirm the FP, I opened #2600 to track it

thanks! and welcome to our community :slight_smile: !

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