Rule violation accross my organisation

I would like to identify accross all the projects of my organization if any are violating currently a specific rule.
I could not find a way to do that, would you see any that I could use?

Basically, I would like for example to see if I am vulnerable anywhere to SQL injection. So I identified a few rules tracking that, and now I would like to get the list of projects that are violating it?

I kind of recall a long time ago being able to create a query listing all the projects and rule, but that does not appear to be possible anymore.

Thanks for any help.

Hello @Stephane_Renou ,

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We do not expose this information in the user interface anymore. As an alternative, you can use our API to search issues across multiple projects: .

thanks for the feedback.

Sad that this is not possible anymore as I was looking for example for a kind of dashboard showing all the owasp vulnerabilities of my project.

I will wee what I can do with the api.


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