Rule S4261: .net core 3.1 false positive on IAsyncEnumerable

protected abstract IAsyncEnumerable<File> GetFilesAsync(string folderName);

Remove the ‘Async’ suffix to the name of this method.

An implemented example of that method is:

protected async override IAsyncEnumerable<File> GetFilesAsync(string folderName)
    var blobServiceClient = new BlobServiceClient(this.ConnectionString);
    var blobContainerClient = blobServiceClient.GetBlobContainerClient(this.Container);

    var blobs = blobContainerClient.GetBlobsAsync(prefix: folderName);

    await foreach (var blob in blobs)
        var blobClient = blobContainerClient.GetBlobClient(blob.Name);
        var blobFile = new BlobFile(blobClient);

        yield return blobFile;

As you can see, the method is indeed async.