Rule "Loops with at most one iteration should be refactored rule history" At pl/sql

After having upgraded the sonarqube at Developer Edition Version 7.9.1 the rule "Loops with at most one iteration should be refactored " is raised as a bug. In previous version this rule was not raised (as a bug). Has the compliant solution of the rule changed and thus the rule is raised. (The same code has been scanned by both SonarQube versions).


Indeed this rule changed its scope in version 3.4 of pl/sql analyzer (with SQ upgrade you got new versions of analyzers). Before it was a code smell about unconditional jump statements (which actually could be both bug and code smell). Now this rule is just about loops which iterate only once (e.g. if you break loop unconditionally), which is a bug.

In the same version 3.4 there was a new rule introduced S3626: Jump statements should not be redundant. It’s intention is to detect jump statements which can be removed without change to the code flow.

Hope it clarifies

Thank you very much for your reply.