Rule java:S125 not being detected

I have two machines both running IntelliI 2021.2.3 (Ultimate), with SonarLint The rules on both installs are set to default. If I load the same project into both machines, one will pick up java:S125 (Sections of code should not be commented out), but the other will not. Neither installs are bound to a Sonar server.

Any idea why I would be getting this behaviour. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, it seems like some setting is ticked or unticked, but I cant see what the issue is. Rule 125 is definitely ticked in the settings. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello Howard,

Welcome to the community and thanks for raising this issue.

Would you be able to provide logs of the 2 different analyses ? First make sure that you enable verbose logs as explained here.

This might help us better understand what happens

Hi Damien, sorry for the delay in responding. I’ll get the log info sorted out asap.

Hello @dhcrees,

Do you still face the issue ?