Rule c:S868 improvement

Rule ID: c:S868
Rule name: # Operands of “&&” and “||” should be primary (C) or postfix (C++) expressions

Is it possible to add configuration to this rule, which parts of this rule are valid and which are not?
It is great rule for operands like && and ||, but it brings unnecessary clutter to the code with rule for ! (second example):

if (x || y && z);                        // Noncompliant
if (x && !y);                            // Noncompliant

So I propose if you can add change option to this rule to be able to select which are active and which are not.

Hi @nikola,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the suggestion!

This rule is based on an old version of MISRA, that was clearly a bit over-cautious. Nowadays, even MISRA no longer encourages having parentheses around the “!” operator.

I cannot give you an exact ETA, but we intend to update this rule to follow more modern best practices, which will solve the false positive you mention.

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