RSPEC-1745 on PL/I code


(Hilal Emeksiz) #1

does this tsql rule below is taken into account when PL/I code is scanned?

“INSERT” statements should explicitly list the columns to be set

Thank you?

(Nicolas Bontoux) #2


It’s not present in PL/I rules currently supported by SonarQube, so the immediate answer to your question is no.

Looking at our Jira tracker for RSPEC-1745 you can see PL/I is amongst targeted languages. So it’s on our radar, and you can raise a #suggestions if you’d like to get more community traction behind this!

(Hilal Emeksiz) #3

Thank You Nicolas we have a lot of rules to be added both in cobol and PL/I
Changed into suggestions.

Also does TSQL plugin catch the violation in a PLI source including insert statement? In most of our java projects not only java violations but also css and js violations are detected. Is it likewise in PLI?