[RFF] Sonar PMD Plugin 3.1.0

Dear community,

we would like to release a new version of the Sonar PMD Plugin !

Please have a look and let us know if there is any blocker or issue preventing the release.


  • Java 11 support (#44)
  • PMD 6.9.0 (#48)

Breaking changes:
The configuration parameters of the following rules have changed:

  • CyclomaticComplexity
  • AvoidUsingHardCodedIP
    For further information, please check the CHANGELOG.


Special thanks to spasam for his PMD 6 pull request!

The feedback period will end in 7 days. (26 November 2018).
Thank you for your support.

During the RFF period we stumpled upon the following bug related to PMD analysis on Java 9+ using Gradle (#69).
Furthermore, another possible bug has been reported.

We’ll skip this release and get back once both problems are resolved.