Retrieve analysis results

(Idan Adar) #1

Is it possible to retrieve the results of an analysis after a successful run in Jenkins?

If possible, what I am thinking on doing is add the various data points to my Slack message.
I’m mostly looking for just the highlights:

(Gilbert Rebhan) #2


for notifying external services you may use webhooks
The json payload has all those Infos.


(Idan Adar) #3

Thanks Gilbert. I couldn’t find a usage example as part of a pipeline execution.
Do you happen to have one?

(Gilbert Rebhan) #4


sorry was on the wrong track, the json payload has only Infos about the configured Quality Gate conditions. If your Quality Gate has the conditions bugs, vulnerabilities, code smells, coverage and duplications you will see the numbers when scanning the main branch or a long-lived branch.
Sonarqube 7.7 - coming soon- will also have real Quality Gates for short-lived branch and PRs.
Another problem is the json from Sonarqube webhook can’t be consumed directly by Slack, see
There is also a sonarqube-slack-pusher plugin but it does only a check of the Quality Gate status and has no metrics.
Otherwise the mail notification might already be sufficient !?