Results not available in server after Scanner for MSBuild analysis (scanner v4.3.1 on Linux)

Did anybody manage to successfully upload and see results of static code analysis for c# on Linux?

I have used SonarScanner for MSBuild as .NET Core Global Tool on linux, SonnarQube server is

I have it installed on Windows as well as on linux, the version on Windows works correctly, but I’m unable to see
the result of code analysis when running from Linux, based on the logs it seems like the analysis is done and sent to server but I still don’t see the results

Did somebody experience the same problem.

Hi Richard,

Did you check if the Background Task on server-side completed successfully ? If scanner-side execution is successful, then at the end it it will log where it uploaded the analysis results, and you can then go trace what happens next on server side.

Yes it seems scanning was successful, at least I see green Success but at that time the results were not shown.
Is this right? /home/xxx/.dotnet/tools/.store/dotnet-sonarscanner/4.3.1/dotnet-sonarscanner/4.3.1/tools/netcoreapp2.1/any/sonar-scanner-
this is taken from the log that you can see on that page - background tasks

but the same is in log when the scanning was triggered from Windows machine

It’s not clear to me if that means that results are shown now ?

If you need more help in diagnosing what’s going then please share logs/screenshots to highlight specific inconsistencies you observe. Right now it’s unclear whether this even relates to scanner-side or server-side behaviour.

I meant that historically all scans succeeded but “linux ones” did not display the results on the sonnar’s project page