REST api to fetch parameter


This question is in ref to my previous question here.

I’m setting parameter for every project & want to fetch it via REST call.

Technically it should be available when I call /api/settings/values?component=[projectKey]& (as suggested by Colin), but I’m not getting that in response.

Please suggest.

Thank You


You can request project links using the /api/project_links/search WS (docs).


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Can I butt in with an enhancement request? shows up in the response for GET api/settings/list_definitions ( but upon further research (which I admit I did not undertake when reccomending the GET api/settings/values API to Rahul), is not returned on a request like this:

Removing sonar.links.x from GET api/settings/list_definitions might help users in the future. :slight_smile:


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Indeed it’s a bug, thanks for reporting it !
I’ve created a ticket to fix this :

As reported by Stas, the web service api/project_links should be used instead.


Thank you all for your help :slight_smile: