REST API to extract data for build \ radiator screen

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So, I’m in the middle of trying to build a radiator \ build board that’s pulling info from Jenkins, Bamboo (we’re mid transition), Jira & SonarQube and displays it in a nice, friendly way for the big screens we’ve got dotted around. I’m not finding the documentation particularly helpful.

I’m effectively trying to recreate the project overview dashboards.
I can search for projects to add to the list and add them in etc.
However, I’m trying to make sense the calls used to build out dashboards and I’m at a total loss!
Looking at the state, in react dev tools, make some sense, but it appears to be made up of multiple calls that feel like it’s shotgun spread.
I can see calls going to
/api/measures/component x 3

Some of the values held in state don’t appear to match what I’m seeing on the screen either, with regards to Debt.
And the calls to /api/measures/component seem to pull data back in different formats to boot!

Minor rant addition
Plus I’m not really a fan of having to pass in the metricKeys param as a massive string


Our own wallboards use the payload sent by the Webhooks. That way, after each analysis, they’re updated with each project’s current Quality Gate status, including the detailed status of each quality gate condition.

That allows us to do a simple red/green, and gives the option of showing details on a failed status.


Do you have a guide for configuring this?
Before this project, I’d never had any real exposure to SonarQube and this sounds bang on the mark of what I’m after.

Try this: