Request for new sonar-webdriver-plugin to be deployed to Marketplace

(Kwo Ding) #1

Name plugin
Sonar WebDriver Plugin


Recently I have developed a new plugin named the Sonar WebDriver Plugin. The Sonar WebDriver Plugin is a static code analysis tool that helps following best practices for writing WebDriver tests. This plugin is aimed for WebDriver (Selenium/Appium) test code. The test code is usually written mainly by QA engineers, but also by developers.

As there are many great static code analysis checks for application code, and I encountered this myself in practice, there is currently not a Sonar plugin (at least I could not find one) that scans test code helping to write reliable and maintainable functional tests. Here I do not mean unit or integration tests but functional tests that are on a higher level. Tests based on WebDriver are an example of these functional tests that exist in the industry.

What’s next
It would be great if this plugin can be added to the Sonar Marketplace to gain more traction and usage to improve the plugin more and more by feedback from the community. Is this possible?

(G Ann Campbell) #2


One of the things we have to check off to get this into the Marketplace is testing (and approval) by SonarSource staff, which usually means me. Since I’ve never written or used WebDriver tests, can you point me to a repository that contains some that I can use for testing?

BTW, I haven’t looked at all at your project yet, so I can’t speak to any of the other requirements. I’ll come back to that later.


(Kwo Ding) #3

Thanks for your quick response. Here is an example project based on WebDriver:

I think writing WebDriver tests is known to most QA (automation) engineers, but not so much to developers, the more reason to gain more traction for this to get more feedback :wink:

(G Ann Campbell) #4


I haven’t forgotten this. I hope to come back to it soon.


(G Ann Campbell) #5


Sorry for the delay. This looks mostly good, except I need to see where it’s analyzed (with a passing Quality Gate!) on SonarCloud.


(Kwo Ding) #6

No problem, here is the analysis on SonarCloud:

(G Ann Campbell) #7


Thanks for the link. I see your project has only been analyzed once. Is that because you haven’t committed since the 25th or because you haven’t automated analysis? The latter is pretty easy to do with, I understand.


(Kwo Ding) #8

Both actually, no new commits, I still have to pick up the automated analysis (I do already have an automated CI with travis for builds)

(G Ann Campbell) #9


You’re in!


(G Ann Campbell) #10

BTW, you didn’t list SQ version compatibility, so I defaulted to 7.3+. Let me know if it goes back further than that.


(Kwo Ding) #11

In the pom I listed:

Is it maybe not the right tag?

Awesome, thanks! Does it take some time to be published on

(G Ann Campbell) #12


I don’t generally (think to) read poms to get that information. :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the Marketplace.


(Kwo Ding) #13

Great! However, I couldn’t find the plugin on yet, does it take some time before it appears there?

(G Ann Campbell) #14


No one at SonarSource has anything to do with that site. I can only add you to the Plugin Library page, which I had forgotten to do, so thanks for the reminder!


(Kwo Ding) #15

Ok great, good to know, thanks!

(Kwo Ding) #16

Hi, can the minVersion of this plugin be updated to ABOVE SonarQube version 6.7.5?
By the way, I also added the automated analysis via sonarcloud to the CI.

(G Ann Campbell) #17


To be clear, you’re saying that version 1.1.0 is not compatible with 6.7.*?


(Kwo Ding) #18

Sorry, I found the issue in the meantime, will fix it.