Reporting feature to see all coverage/violation findings or all repositories

Hi all,

Do you know if if I can extract a JSON/CSV that shows all repositories and respective violation findings? It doesn’t have to have details of each finding. All I need is:

  • Repository Name
  • Number of reliability issues (and rating)
  • Number of security issues (and rating).

I can’t seem to find it in SonarCloud Portal, nor in SonarCloud Docs.

Hello @t4nguy3n ,

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You can extract this information through our API on a per-project basis:

I can’t seem to find whether it supports bearer auth. Your link is helpful, but missing sample request payload.

You can find more information about this here: User Accounts | SonarCloud Docs . A sample request would definitely make sense, and I will share this feedback internally.

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Thank you for the link and the feedback.