Renaming the MAIN BRANCH is throwing errors during SonarCloud analysis

We’ve recently moved the main branch of our repository from ‘master’ to ‘main’. As part of the process, I deleted the short-lived branch that was called ‘main’ and then renamed ‘master’ to ‘main’ as recommended here. Once this change was made, I noticed the following issue on SonarCloud’s analysis page

Currently this is showing the following error:

Project or branch in report (project_name) does not match the project or branch under which it was submitted (project_name:BRANCH:main)

I have an analysisID that I could share via DM if that would help

Hey @geojakes

The analysis UUID is just that… a random ID. It’s not considered sensitive information. Could you share it here?


Hi @geojakes , i see your analysis run in a CI environment. Could you tell me if you updated the CI config as well to match the MAIN branch configuration? If yes, could you share with us the scanner logs (i can start a private message for you to share this information, just let me know).

Removing in the gradle call fixed the issue, though this used to be working just fine before.

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