Renamed class marked as "New Code"

While the class name is changed, the whole file content is marked as a new code - which is an incorrect behavior.
It blocks the possibility to set a code coverage quality gate as I can’t expect developer who’s fixing a typo in a class name to write all missing tests.
Class name change is the only change in that file on that branch.

May be connected with: [SONAR-13579] - Jira

What’s the ETA for a fix?

Right now the SonarQube ticket you referenced is targeted for the next release of SonarQube – after that, we’ll probably figure out if it’s easy to bring to SonarCloud or would require separate, focused development (and has enough priority in the backlog).

For the time being, when this happens, it’s probably worth overriding the policy blocking the PR merge – you’re right, a user can’t be expected to suddenly cover an entire file because of a name change.

Thanks Colin. So, in that case, I’ll need to manually turn off the quality gate or have someone with enough level of permission on github, to merge even if the mandatory check has failed, correct?