Remove/Update jest-sonar-analysis for Test Execution Analysis in documentation

The plugin for generating generic execution data jest-sonar-analysis is extremely deprecated and hasn’t been updated in 4 years. Can we update the documentation to either remove it or point to something more relevant?

I have been working on maintaining my own version of the @casualbot/jest-sonar-reporter plugin updating it to typescript, as well as, adding additional features such as ability for relative pathing vs absolute pathing in the generated xml data.


I can provide the npmjs package link if persons would like something that works however the documentation is misleading for providing Test Execution Analysis support with a 3rd party plugin.

I don’t know where to classify this sorry for the bad category

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Hello Shawn,

Welcome to the Sonar community, and thank you for your feedback!

First, I would like to apologize for the long delay in answering you. Now, coming to the point you are raising, I am not entirely sure what the best action would be here: maintaining an updated list of maintained third-party libraries vs. dropping the JavaScript part from this documentation. Therefore, I forwarded your feedback to our documentation experts.

I will come back to you once a decision is reached.

Thank you,

Hi Yassin,

No worries about the delay. This is pretty low on the importance list, in my opinion.

I think the latter, dropping the JavaScript part from the documentation, is probably the best course of action right now given that the provided solution is deprecated and not really working as intended.

I feel maintaining a third-party library list would be intensive and need to be vetted to be safe which would be too much for now.

Just my two cents. Appreciate the update!


Hey Shawn,

Thanks again for your input!

We share your opinion, and as you suggested, we decided to drop the JS/TS section from Test Execution Analysis Parameters. SonarQube’s documentation should be updated accordingly in the next release.

Thank you,

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