Related to writing Acceptance Test rule

  • What language are you writing rules for? – JAVA
  • What have you tried, and what’s your challenge / stumbling block – Tried to write custom rules for Acceptance test and it was working perfectly. But there is one issue , since I have passed my custom rules as test rules some of the pre-defined junit rules are getting applied for the AT files in server.

Is there any other way to write and pass rules like these (including the variables in sonar - properties similar to source.inclusions and test.inclusions ) ?


To be clear, what you’re saying is that

  • you’ve successfully written the rules you want for acceptance tests
  • your problem is that other ‘test’ rules run - undesirably - on your acceptance tests

If that’s correct, then you should either look at what rules are in your Quality Profile and remove the ones you don’t want running. Or if you have both unit and acceptance tests and need to control which rules run on which files, then take a look at exclusions.


Thanks @ganncamp

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