Regarding result of sonarcloud

I am using sonarcloud in ci/cd in aws and I have use aws codebuild to process sonarscanning which is working fine , when the pipeline is trigger the and sonarbuild is executed then sonar result are shown in sonarcloud UI

I want that the result which is shown in the sonarcloud dashboard should be in json file or any type of build

i want that build command or process if anyone is knowing


You can use the Web API to pull your project data from SonarCloud.

But if you can share your purpose for the data, it may be that we’ve already crafted an integration to serve the need…


I want to store that data in security hub and s3 bukket of aws

can you guide me for that

can you tell step b step process to do so I little bit confused


Sorry, but those things are a bit out of scope for this community. If you have questions about using the API, though, we’re happy to help.