Recognizing OpenAPI as language by itself

open-api or swagger files have become inductry standard (the same can also be said about graphQL schema files)
those files have in the wild linters and validators that work on both YAML and JSON and even JSONC formats

open-api should be recognized as a language by itself, and rules should be addded to it based on existing best practices (like: GitHub - wework/speccy: Well Spectually 🤓 Enforce quality rules on your OpenAPI 3.0.x specifications.)

Hello @Lee_Elenbaas,

I believe it makes sense to enforce the quality of APIs as early as possible.

Speccy provides 17 rules, and I can see OpenAPI Specification - Version 3.0.3 | Swagger is also mentioning some recommendations. In addition to those, do you recommend others OpenAPI linters or documentation listing best practices? I also wonder if there are some security best practices that can be enforced at OpenAPI level.


This will also be the place to enforce REST best practices regarding naming, http methods…

regarding additional openAPI - take a look also at what redocly are offering in their linter