Read annotations on a variable's type class

public MyClass{

private MyOtherClass myOtherClass;

public MyClass(MyOtherClass myOtherClass){
 this.myOtherClass = myOtherClass;


@Scope("prototype")// OR
@Scope(value = ConfigurableBeanFactory.SCOPE_PROTOTYPE,
        proxyMode = ScopedProxyMode.TARGET_CLASS)
public MyOtherClass{

I am writing a custom plugin to detect classes which declare variable of type MyOtherClass and give a warning because MyOtherClass is of type prototype.

I need to get fields from MyClass and need to get Annotations on the field(MyOtherClass) class and need to find if the annotation value contains prototype.

I am using VariableTree to read the variable but not finding a way to get into variable class metadata.

I can do it on class by using ClassTree.

public void visitNode(Tree tree) { variableTree = (VariableTree) tree;

    if (variableTree.type().symbolType().symbol().metadata().isAnnotatedWith(SCOPE_ANNOTATION_FQN)) {
        System.out.println("prototype annotation found " + variableTree.symbol().metadata().toString());
        reportIssue(variableTree.simpleName(), "This spring bean is of type PROTOTYPE");

Found a way to read annotations on a variable class.

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