Questions regarding terms of service

While reading the Terms.pdf i have come across some Questions.

  • Is there an Architectural Overview of SonarCloud with Github. Like an image or diagram
  • What kind of data is sent to SonarCloud.
  • What kind of data that is sent to SonarCloud will be stored by SonarCloud
  • Specifically; is the SourceCode uploaded to SonarCloud, or is it just an issue-report

Hey there.

Yes, source code is sent to SonarCloud.

You can read more in our Trust Center

Data security

To perform code analysis, report issues, decorate your source code, and provide metrics in the SonarCloud dashboard, your scan report containing your source code needs to be pushed to the SonarCloud server. We do not store all the source code from your repository, only the source code from your most recent scans.