Questions about coverage in PRs, Vue with TypeScript

We are using the sonar in our project which is tied up with Azure pipleline as our front end project is using the vue with typescript

what we observed is with every new PR:

  1. Sonar scanner checks only coverage on the changes in PR
  2. Some times the sonar is expecting the coverage to be done on css properties which is quite annoying
  3. whitespaces , removal paramters or changing the file name still expects the sonar coverage to be passed

per the checking the existing threads in one of the thread it was mentioned as SonarQube-Scanner fails to analyze Vue files - Failed to parse file [.vue] sonar doesn’t work for vue with Typescript , is this still same?

Please confirm


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It sounds like you want to set a Coverage Exclusion

Yes. If your SCM reports the line as changed, then we’ll treat it as such.

Sorry, I don’t know what this means.

For that, you’re waiting for:

SONAR-13579 Detect file move in PRs

This really seems like an entirely different topic. But the SonarSourcer who replied in that thread posted a link to the ticket tracking the fix. It was closed a year ago (and shipped in the next SonarQube release).