Quality Gate Connection Time out problem

SonarQube 7.4
SonarScanner for MSBuild 4.6

Hi Community,

I have a problem with quality gate.
I have integrate Jenkins and SonarQube.
In jenkins pipe a write this script and my webhooks is ok.

But sometimes there is a problem with this stage.

And sometimes it works.


I don’t understand this problem.
Is it related to multiple request at same time . or multiple request to same solution at same time.

Thank you in advance.


You’ve set a 3min timeout, which is pretty low. The example in the docs uses a 60min timeout, which is hopefully a bit long. But the point of waiting for a response instead of expecting one immediately (synchronously) is that other things could be going on on your server. Some projects take longer to process, server-side, than others and if you have one or two of those hit the queue before your project, then it could be a good bit longer than 3 minutes before your project’s analysis report is processed.

So… I would up that timeout to at least… 20min.


Thank you @ganncamp,
This make QualityGate stage too long in pipeline. This stage grow up our total time.
This is not wanted.
Best Regards.


from my experience, a timeout of 10 mins is sufficient.
We use it for all kind of projects and never had any problems.
The only reasons for timeouts we faced were related to proxy / firewall permissions
when accessing Sonarqube from different network areas.


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If you’re hitting the timeout every time, then as Gilbert said, you might want to look between SonarQube and Jenkins.


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