Quality Gate and Coverage = Pass the QG?

We are using SonarQube 7.4 Community Edition

Im not sure if this is a bug or we have misunderstood the gating.
Our quality gate has a rule that states Condition Coverage must be more than 80%.

We have projects where the Coverage is 0 and the gate is passed. However if coverage goes up to .01% it fails the gate.


Are we misunderstanding the condition coverage rule?


Hi Pam,

Are you passing in coverage reports for these 0-coverage projects?


If I understand the question correctly, no we are not passing the coverage reports.


By not passing coverage reports in you have basically opted-out of that feature. With no coverage reports we figure you just don’t care at all about coverage on this particular project (even if it’s in your QG because you care about it on other projects) so we ignore it.