Qualifier in Project creation Web API

Hello Team,

Could you please let me know what is Qualifier in Project creation Web API and should TRK be the default value?
“project”: {
“key”: “project-key”,
“name”: “project-name”,
“qualifier”: “TRK”

Thanks and Regards

Hey there.

This isn’t a value that can be passed in the POST api/projects/create Web API, it’s simply information returned. It basically means this “component” that has been created is a project. It probably seems quite redundant, but it’s leftovers from very old SonarQube days :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response @Colin_SonarSource so post with values of only project key and project name would work right?

That’s right.

Okay but i’m unabel to post as it throws an error saying project parameter is missing though I added it.:


Okay,it works. Thank you :slight_smile: