Qualifier 'final' blocks rule java:S117

SQ 8.6 Community.

I don’t know if this is by design. But rule java:S117, which requires local variables to conform to a given regex, doesn’t seem to apply if the ‘final’ qualifier is added. Well, I guess it’s not really a “variable” then. But in my case, I have a subexpression that is used multiple times, and for better readability, I declare a local variable initialized to the subexpression and given a descriptive name appropriate for that subexpression. (The subexpression has a simple conceptual meaning so it is easier to use that name several times than to keep repeating the subexpression.)

As a variable, the identifier is flagged if the name doesn’t conform to S117. But if I add ‘final’ (for improved readability and safety), the rule is not triggered even if the identifier violates the regex. In fact, it appears not to be covered by any naming convention rules.