Q: Web API endpoint to add new user

I would like to ask why there is no web API for adding / deleting users.

If there are such endpoint, could you please guide me to the documentation?

Many thanks in advance

hey, Trung Le I think The Web APIs of sonarqube have provided us to create and delete users.
this link will help you.
you just need to start your sonarqube server

@vishal.patidar thanks for the response. I am using the managed SonarCloud instead of hosting my own SonarQube server.

I could not find any reference to the create/delete users endpoint in https://sonarcloud.io/web_api/api/users

Hi @tle_compono,

Indeed we do not provide such API for SonarCloud. Note that SonarCloud only supports login through 3rd parties, such as GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, and so on. As such, I don’t really see how you would benefit from such API.

Can you please explain more about your use case?

All I want is an automated way to orchestrate membership. Due to lacking of terraform provider for SonarCloud, I resort to alternative solution such as coding my own script. Hence this question