python:S1721 walrus operator parentheses false positive


Problematic rule is Python static code analysis: Parentheses should not be used after certain keywords Parentheses should not be used after certain keywords. In code view it says “Remove the parentheses after this “not” keyword.”.

Date: 2022-05-02

Sample code (I don’t think more context is necessary):

if not (article_tag := soup.find("article")):

Sonar reports to remove parentheses around walrus operator assignment. This isn’t a valid issue in Python 3.8 (at least) because removing parentheses causes SyntaxError (run through pytest):

E     File "/home/some/path/", line 9999
E       if not article_tag := soup.find("article"):
E          ^
E   SyntaxError: cannot use assignment expressions with operator

Removing not keyword in non-parentheses version “solves” SyntaxError but changing condition is not a valid solution here. Parentheses are required.

Hello @Hubert_Wlodarczyk,

Thank you for reporting this false positive. I created this ticket to track it. Hopefully we should fix this soon.


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