Python code coverage % calculation error

I’m using pytest to run python tests and calculate code coverage.

Sonar configuration:


Pytest command used to run tests:

poetry run pytest --cov-config=.coveragerc --cov=src --cov-report xml -vv -x --durations=0 tests/unit_tests

Repository structure:

├── __pycache__
├── docs
├── src
└── tests

If I execute the pytest locally, coverage % is reported as 98%. But the same test, when executed in a pipeline and viewed in sonar cloud portal, sonarcloud is reporting 45%. After investigating more, I found that Sonar is considering the python code in tests directory as source code and expecting it to be covered which shouldn’t be the case.

TOTAL                                                        2134     40    98%

How do I instruct sonar to use the coverage.xml produced by pytest and ignore any code present in tests direcotry while calculating coverage % ?

You can specify sonar.tests, which automatically excludes these files from code coverage calculation.

Thanks Colin. Set sonar.tests pointing to tests folder?

You’ve got it!

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I’ve added sonar.tests=tests to our pipeline and now results are disappearing from sonar portal.


Further investigation in code shows only tests folder, but not source code.

sonar.sources should be defaulting to the current directory, but maybe there’s some interaction I don’t know about when only sonar.tests is set.

Try setting sonar.sources=src