Pylint: thank you and goodbye

Hello Python developers,

In the past, the Python analyzer running on SonarCloud was mainly based on Pytlint and SonarCloud was executing Pytlint in the background based on the rules activated on SonarCloud.

As you know, we are working hard since July 2019 to provide a Python analyzer that is self-sufficient to help majority of the Python developers to enhance their Code Quality and Security. We believe we reached today a good maturity level and the 170 rules provided out of the box are enough to achieve our goal.

As a consequence, SonarCloud will no longer execute Pylint rules simply because we believe Python developers no longer need it. You will get your results faster and these results raised by the native SonarCloud Python rules will be more accurate with less false-positives.

In order to ease the transition for existing Pylint users, we still provide the possibility to load Pylint results as external issues like this is the case for other open-source linters. See for more details.

I hope you will enjoy this move and as usual all feedback is welcome.