PullRequest analysis shows files which are not part of PR updates

Versions on which pipeline running and Sonarqube version used.
Developer EditionVersion 8.2 (build 32929)
Azure DevOps Server - Version Dev17.M153.5

PullRequest Anylysis will trigger whenever there is PR created from Feature to it’s respective main branch. - PR triggers sonarqube job (this is configured in validation policy of a branch)

In Additional properties of prepare analysis task we added below property to scan only .sql , .pkb and .pks extension files.

We have sonarqube with over all code analysed for main branch. The Feature branch created out of main branch and modified files / added files with .xdm, .catalog extensions, created PullRequest to merge from Feature to its respective main branch.

  • We are Expecting sonar analysis should be Blank PR without any code/files with status as passed.

what we got is

There some other .sql .pkb files which are not modified/added as part of this PR.

Ideally we noticed that PR is blank with status passed if files not part of scan/excluded in the scan and this make sense. But in the current case it is analysing some other files which are not part of PR changes.

Could you please assist what is going on here? Are we lacking any configurations? it’s illogical if something else appear in PR. We tried debugging and some cases it’s worked and expected result returned. But in some cases it’s bit weird to see such reports.