Pull request decoration with GitHub and Jenkins

Hi, Do we need Jenkins for passing the Pull request Key to Sonar Job? I understand that this is not required in 8.3 Developer edition? Is that possible for Decoration to work without Jenkins intervention. If I do configure/install GitHub App along with sonar general settings , will it suffix to get the decoration in GHE?

You still need to trigger the analysis with the appropriate scanner in your CI. With SonarQube v8.3, the environment variables in Jenkins are automatically picked up by SonarQube so there’s no setup required.

Thanks for the response.
I understand the new feature of 8.3 version but we need CI tools like Jenkins to trigger the analysis? I hope its not possible to trigger the analysis using the GitHub App and configuration in sonarcube without Jenkins?

Do you not have any CI in your workflow? How are you building your apps? In what languages are you developing?