Pull request decoration in GitLab

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Gitlab?! Can’t see it in the settings

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Gitlab CI

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Open a merge request in Gitlab, wait until sonar analysis is completed.

Then there is a warning showing “Pull request decoration did not happen. Provider ‘gitlab’ is not supported.”

Is it really not supported in SonarCloud? OnPrem this worked flawlessly. We were just about to migrate to SonarCloud but this would be showstopper.

Here it states “SonarCloud decorates your merge requests, giving you the feedback you need, right in your GitLab repositories.”. How do I configure it? It’s not existent in the ALM settings. I’m really confused and it would be great if someone could shed some light into this. If you need additional information I’m happy to give those!

Hey there.

Gitlab is supported – but if you’re providing the analysis parameter sonar.pullrequest.provider anywhere, you should remove it.

Have already followed the instructions for Getting started with Gitlab and do you have bound projects?


Thank you for your answer. Yes the (one) project is bound and we don’t provide the sonar.pullrequest.provider parameter.

However, it is a monorepo and I found out that gitlab monorepos are not supported.

And I guess setting the other projects for the same repo up manually doesn’t bind the project.

Is there anything I can do to make this somehow work?

I voted the “Add support for gitlab monorepo” issue up.