Pull request branches to include code coverage


(Thomas A. F. Thorne) #21

Now that the request at https://jira.sonarsource.com/browse/MMF-1118 is marked as Fixed can you give an ETA on the release date or release number that will include it?

(G Ann Campbell) #22


This was delivered in 7.4.


(Thomas A. F. Thorne) #23

Thank you. I shall as our DevOp or IT guys to try applying the update to our system so that we get the new feature! :smiley_cat:

(Roman Borysenok) #24

Hi Ann,

Great news! Maybe you know when it will be available in SonarCloud as well?

(G Ann Campbell) #25

Hi @barfet,

This was available in Sonarcloud before it was available in SonarQube.


(Roman Borysenok) #26

Hi @ganncamp,

Thank you for your reply.
Maybe you could clarify this one.
Currently we’re using SonarCloud with Azure DevOps and set it up for master and feature branches.
On each PR we trigger build + SonarCloud check (approve from SC is required).
But currently SC doesn’t count a test coverage metric in quality gate for short lived branches (PR) and you could merge a PR without passing a test coverage check.
I thought that we’re talking about this metric and you add support for this kind of scenario (block PR, for example, if test coverage is less that 80% on new code). If we’re talking about the same staff, maybe you could suggest how we could set up it in SonarCloud? Because we don’t have such functionality i a moment.


(G Ann Campbell) #27


Sorry to be pedantic, but reading your coverage report and applying a coverage criteria in a quality gate are two different things. 7.5 will add duplication calculation on PRs and SLBs, and hopefully 7.6 will add “real” quality gates.

And before you start to yell, please check the other threads in this community where everyone else has already yelled. Feel free to click hard when you ‘like’ those posts.