Pull request BitBucket + AzureDevops Pipelines + SonarCloud "Unsupported PR provider 'Bitbucket'"


I need your help because i haven’t found the way to resolve the error in SonarCloud Step.
My context, i use AzureDevops to create pipelines, linked to a repository BitBucket for the versionning.

When the pipeline triggered by PR event is launched, i have this error.
##[warning]Unsupported PR provider ‘Bitbucket’

And Analysis is skipped.

i understand why because i checked the source code of the SonarCloud Step. And it don’t implement Bitbucket provider.

i try to force the provider with it : sonar.pullrequest.provider = GitHub
But don’t work, i have the same message ##[warning]Unsupported PR provider ‘Bitbucket’

How can i resolve the problem ?

Thanks for the help.

Hi Julien,
You can find the list of supported providers (sonar.pullrequest.provider) here: https://sonarcloud.io/documentation/analysis/pull-request/. In your case, instead of Bitbucket you should use bitbucketcloud.

I try to change the provider and i come back to tell you.

i have tried and i always have the same error.

i have impression that the parameter isn’t interpreted.

I think It needs to be fixed in the marketplace plugin i think…

How can i ask to fix it ?

I just tried to fix it. hope they accept it or at least help us to fix it.

Ok thanks Michael.

i appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

Any idea how we can trigger the owners to watch, review and accept it?

Until recently it was not possible to get the sources of a Bitbucket Cloud repository in Azure DevOps. Now it’s officially supported so we will add the support for this use case. Here is the ticket to track progress: https://jira.sonarsource.com/browse/VSTS-183.


@Michal_Duda Thanks! any idea when the fix will be implemented and pushed to azure devops?

We can’t give you an ETA. It’s in the backlog, which is the most important. Please feel free to vote and watch for the ticket.

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I saw there was a new push to the repo and version which supports bitbucketcloud. any idea if pull requests are now supported and if there is a kind of user guide how to setup the integration between bitbucket cloud and azure devops?


Yes the extension is ready, but we are waiting for some changes to be deployed on SonarCloud side to make that feature work (should be deployed this week).

We’ll keep this thread updated :slight_smile:



Following my previous thread, the feature has been deployed on Sonarcloud as well, which means that you can now analyze your Bitbucket Cloud repositories with Azure Pipelines.
An official announcement will follow soon, in the mean time you can already check the updated documentation : https://sonarcloud.io/documentation/integrations/bitbucketcloud/


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