Pull request BitBucket + AzureDevops Pipelines + SonarCloud "Unsupported PR provider 'Bitbucket'"

(julien hamon) #1


I need your help because i haven’t found the way to resolve the error in SonarCloud Step.
My context, i use AzureDevops to create pipelines, linked to a repository BitBucket for the versionning.

When the pipeline triggered by PR event is launched, i have this error.
##[warning]Unsupported PR provider ‘Bitbucket’

And Analysis is skipped.

i understand why because i checked the source code of the SonarCloud Step. And it don’t implement Bitbucket provider.

i try to force the provider with it : sonar.pullrequest.provider = GitHub
But don’t work, i have the same message ##[warning]Unsupported PR provider ‘Bitbucket’

How can i resolve the problem ?

Thanks for the help.

(Michal Duda) #2

Hi Julien,
You can find the list of supported providers (sonar.pullrequest.provider) here: https://sonarcloud.io/documentation/analysis/pull-request/. In your case, instead of Bitbucket you should use bitbucketcloud.

(julien hamon) #3

I try to change the provider and i come back to tell you.

(julien hamon) #4

i have tried and i always have the same error.

(julien hamon) #5

i have impression that the parameter isn’t interpreted.

(Michael Keymolen) #6

I think It needs to be fixed in the marketplace plugin i think…

(julien hamon) #7

How can i ask to fix it ?

(Michael Keymolen) #8

I just tried to fix it. hope they accept it or at least help us to fix it.

(julien hamon) #9

Ok thanks Michael.

i appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

(Michael Keymolen) #12

Any idea how we can trigger the owners to watch, review and accept it?

(Michal Duda) #14

Until recently it was not possible to get the sources of a Bitbucket Cloud repository in Azure DevOps. Now it’s officially supported so we will add the support for this use case. Here is the ticket to track progress: https://jira.sonarsource.com/browse/VSTS-183.

(Michael Keymolen) #15

@Michal_Duda Thanks! any idea when the fix will be implemented and pushed to azure devops?

(Fabrice Bellingard) #16

We can’t give you an ETA. It’s in the backlog, which is the most important. Please feel free to vote and watch for the ticket.

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