Pull Request Analysis Warning Cannot Fetch

  • ALM used - Azure DevOps
  • CI system used - Azure DevOps
  • Languages of the repository - .NET
  • Pull Request from feature/x_123 into release/x_123

When I pull request from feature/x_123 into release/x_123 my pipline analysis runs perfectly. But when I check the Sonarcloud dashboard to review the PR analysis I notice there’s a lack of data.

I have one outstanding warning - “Could not find ref ‘x_123’ in refs/heads, refs/remotes/upstream or refs/remotes/origin. You may see unexpected issues and changes. Please make sure to fetch this ref before pull request analysis.”

When my pipeline checkouts out the code it pulls all branches (includes feature/x_123, master, release/x_123 etc)

Should that not say Could not find ref ‘release/x_123’ in refs/heads? - Is this a bug or am I missing some configuration?

Please note I don’t have Pull Request Decorations enabled as I don’t want comments being added into PRs (Is this causing problems?)

Hi @bayif89006 , welcome to the community.

Can you share the configuration of the Prepare analysis configuration task please ? And also, please attach a debug log of the analysis (or i can DM you if you prefer to share it privately).

Thank you.

Hello there,

A fix has been deployed, can you check on your side and tell us if it’s ok ?


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