Pull request analysis not showing what code is analysed * Code tab is empty

I am trying to perform Sonarqube pull request analysis. I was succesfully able to perform the analysis. However when i look at the results and click on the code tab, i cannot see anything. The pull request contains changes in around 50 files and this is with GitHub Enterprise. Please let me know what i am missing.

Sonarqube version : 7.8

How i am performing analysis : Sonar scanner commandline using bat file


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Are these 50 files actual code files? And if so, how about screenshots of the Overview tab and of Coverage section of the Measures tab?


Hi , Yes they are 50 code files. Here is the screenshot of the overview tab

Here is the measure tab screenshot.

Also i get this warning after the analysis is run. source3


Thanks for the screenshots. I was hoping to see the Coverage section of the measures tab, and more specifically the Lines to Cover value. E.G.


Unfortunately i do not see coverage menu at all. This is what i see under the measures tab.source5

Okay, then. Can you post the code-formatted (``` on the line before and on the line after) analysis log?


Here is the log attached.

Please note this sonar analysis is run using sonar scanner bat in a CI tool called TEAMCITYPoC_SQ_srpra1_22.txt (120.1 KB)

Looks like the scanner can’t find .git in any parent directory.
Is the code being scanner part of a git repository?

Yes, the checkout happens and the scanner points to the directory where the checkout has happened. Can you give me more details on how to debug this issue?

Can you please update on this?

Looking at the logs, I’d start by making sure that D:\DPOP_Source\PCAT_SystemTestingEnvironment-516\.git exists.