Pull request analysis configuration/use outside cloud?

This may be a silly question, but here goes…

My project is huge (1.1M LOC) and analysing it fully takes around an hour, sometimes more. I want to use pull request analysis (Pull Request Analysis | SonarCloud Docs) to speed this up by only analysing changes, but we’re on a self-hosted version of bitbucket.

Can we use pull request analysis with this setup, or do we absolutely have to be in the cloud?
Furthermore, when I click on the “Configure pull request analysis” link in the “Pull requests” section of my project as in the following image, it takes me to the pull request documentation page, not any configuration.

How can I properly configure pull request analysis? Even if I can’t do it for our current repository solution, we’re migrating to GitHub Cloud next year and will be able to do it then.

SonarCloud only integrates with Bitbucket Cloud. It won’t be possible to decorate pull requests on your on-premise Bitbucket server.

Hi Colin, thanks for getting back to me.

Is this also the reason for the lack of any configuration options? When we move to GitHub cloud next year, how would I set up pull request analysis for my project? I’ve read the documentation, and it doesn’t make reference to any specific properties or settings I have to change.

You will need to create a new organization that binds to your GitHub organization – PR decoration will then work automatically for bound projects.