PRs are unable to be merged because sonar cloud scan fails to start

Template for a good new topic, formatted with Markdown:

  • ALM used (GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, Azure DevOps): GitHub
  • CI system used (Bitbucket Cloud, Azure DevOps, Travis CI, Circle CI: Azure Devops
  • Scanner command used when applicable (private details masked): Yes
  • Languages of the repository: Java scirpt and node js
  • Only if the SonarCloud project is public, the URL
    • And if you need help with pull request decoration, then the URL to the PR too
  • Error observed (wrap logs/code around with triple quotes ``` for proper formatting)
    “Scanner starts failing when PR build started, and it is running when new PRs created”
  • Steps to reproduce
  1. Commit the code with existing PRs
  2. Azure Devops CI is started, sonar scanning failing
  3. It is successful for new PR with same code
  • Potential workaround
  1. Need to create new PR every time. Developer loosing comments and changes history.

Do not share screenshots of logs – share the text itself (bonus points for being well-formatted)!

What error is it failing with?