Provide a full project template


we use one Sonarqube Enterprise instance for a LOT of different projects.
One may set one default quality profile and one default quality gate, but this is no longer
sufficient when so many different projects are to be supported.

This means we have to use a lot of Sonarqube web api calls for provisioning a whole bag full of
different projects in our pipelines.

A comprehensive project template - instead of only a permission template - would be better.
This template may optionally contain all project settings, if a setting is not mentioned,
the default is taken, i.e.:

This template should be driven by project key (sonar.projectKey) pattern (regexp),
similar to the permission templates - actually it would make permission templates obsolete.

Would be very helpful, if there was a validation when creating a new project template or
editing an exisiting one if there’s a possible regexp collision.

i.e. com\.foo\.(bar|bas|bat).+ and com\.foo\.bar\.lorum\.ipsum.+

Of course, dealing with regexp requires a strict naming convention for project keys,
but I assume that everyone already uses one, otherwise it would be a mess.


Hi Gilbert,

Thank you very much for your feedback.
This is inline with the opportunity we are considering: ‘Simplified automation of project creation’.