Property pattern matching and null-check false-negative

[SQ version :]


I experience an issue which I assume to be considered as a false-positive/false-negative case.
Here follows the results of two successive scans on the same lines of code

In the first one, I think that the scan should not report a bug (csharpsquid:S2259) as the pattern matching avoids any null values in the true branch of the ternary statement. When one developer in our team tried to fix this bug, it legitimately resulted in a code smell (csharpsquid:S4201) because the null check is definetly redudant.

Is there something we can change in our code, or is it something to update on your side?
Many thanks.


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We make improvements to the flagship languages in each release. I can’t guarantee it will have an impact, but could you upgrade to 9.3, the latest version, & verify your FP still appears?