Projects not created automatically and Merge Request Decoration not working in Gitlab

  • CI system used - GitLab


We are currently testing whether we can use SonarCloud in our project. We have already created an organisation (Paid Plan) and analyzed the first projects.

Unfortunately, the merge request decorations and the automatic creation of projects are not working. This means that we have to create each project manually beforehand, which we would of course like to avoid.

We also want to avoid to recreate the organization.

I understand, that only bound repositories support decoration, but since this is not working i need some support.

Hey there!

If project provisioning via the onboarding tutorial isn’t working, that would make me think something is wrong at the org-level regarding authenticating with Gitlab.

Can you check your organization-level Administration > Organization Settings > GitLab connectivity management and supply a new token if needed?

Hey Colin,

thanks for your reply. We managed it just right now, be re-create the organization.

The problem was that our Gitlab was connected to another organisation. This meant that the connection could not be established correctly. We deleted both organisations and created and connected them again. Now everything works as desired.

Thank you again!

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