Projects list in quality gate configuration page does not show all entries


I try to configure a quality gate. In the configuration page, there is a list containing available projects.

This list seems to show only 100 entries and it’s not possible to ask for more. Also, there is no information to tell the user that the list is incomplete.

At least it should be great to be informed.
It should be greater to be able to charge the rest of the list.
The greatest should be to be able to use a filter defined in the “Projects” view :wink: This filter should be also used to select project in the “Issues” view ! :slight_smile:


You’re right; this should work better. At the same time, I have to wonder why you’re explicitly assigning >100 projects to a quality gate. Why not just set it as the default?


Hi Ann !

Thanks for you answer.

We have more than 400 projects analysed on our Sonarqube instance and we have different criteria for different kind of projects (code coverage for example).

The problem was not present in Sonarqube 5.6 but, since I’ve upgrade to 7.7, I’m stuck :frowning:

This plus the lost of saved filters in “Issues” view make me regret the upgrade and the licence :worried:

Hi @honorec,

I apologize for the late reply. Although it’s true we only show 100 for performance reasons, you can still access all projects via the search:

I do agree we could make this a bit more explicit, perhaps by adding a note to the UI. I created a ticket for this: SONAR-12147

As for the loss of the Issues saved filters, I’m sorry you miss that feature. Sometimes we have to make tough calls regarding features, and this is never easy, nor something we do lightly. However, so much has changed and has been improved since 5.6, that I hope you will see the immense added value of the upgrade.