Project scoped analysis tokens for SonarCloud

SonarQube 9.5 is getting project scoped analysis only tokens, ( which is great because it is something our security team flags as part of our regular audits on tools that the Sonar API tokens can’t be scoped appropriately. I submitted this as critical for us in feedback for SonarCloud before I saw the Jira issue / product board entry for SonarQube.

Knowing (or at least assuming from past posts on this forum) that SonarCloud uses a different codebase, I’d like to ask if this feature is coming soon to SonarCloud too, as it would make my security team very happy.

Hi @ed_frey ,
I took a look at our roadmap this morning and unfortunately this is not something we plan to deliver in the near future. Of course this might be subject to change, so stay tuned :wink: