Project name has been changed and default quality gate doesn't work


We noticed two strange problems with SonarCloud:

  1. Name of the project has been changed to “main”.

  2. SonarCloud reported that Quality Gate passed, but we use the default Quality Gate for Java, where coverage should not be lover 80%

Please advise how to fix these issues.


Hey there.

What are you using to build/analyze this project? Maven? Gradle?

Hi Colin!

We are using Gradle to build the project.

Thanks. Let’s focus on this problem first:

The name of the project is derived by information that the Scanner for Gradle collects: specifically ${} (see more about analysis parameter defaults here).

Is it possible that this got changed in your build.gradle or similar files?

Can you share a screenshot of the project dashboard for this pull request on SonarCloud?

Hi Colin!

Thanks, I fixed project name by explicitly setting ${}.

Yes, sure.

Thanks. Take a look at this post:

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