Project GO with duplicated lines not detected

I have a project (language GO) with a duplicated block in 2 different files:
file 1: jenkins-list-jobs/cmd/main.go
file 2: jenkins-job-build-download-log/cmd/main.go

Block of code duplicated:
func main() {
if err := run(); err != nil {

I don’t have narrow the focus or other source files exclusion configured.

The measure duplicated lines is 0.0%, what wasn’t expected.

Is there any specific rule that exclude this duplication from being measured ?

*version is Sonarqube 9.9


There are a minimum number of tokens (expand the ‘Language-specific details’ section) to detect and report an issue. This block is under the threshold. Make it more egregious and it should like up like a Christmas tree. :smile:


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