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Hey our project analysis is always failing on development. (Timeout after 30mins)

What can we do about that?

Hi Matthias,

Welcome to the community support!

Do you still experience issues?


Yes we still have this issue. We have it since nearly one month. it always fails because of the timeout.

Its only on the develop branch. Merge requests are working. The problem is i can’t debug anything. I just get the error.

Now its solved.

Hi Matthias,

Good news.
I looked at the logs and I spotted the problem on our side.

It’s failing because of a corner case: the detection of files moves can sometimes be too long when a lot of files have been moved or are new, but it happens very rarely that’s why it’s not fixed yet.

In your case the logs say, there are 521 added files over a total of 2506 files in the analysis report.

One way to manage this could be to reduce the scope of the analysis: sometimes it’s not a problem to exclude some folders or specific files extensions from the analysis.

It would reduce the size of the scope of the analysis and could avoid the timeout. For instance, let’s say the analysis contains external libraries code you included in the scope (jQuery, bootstrap CSS, …) because it’s part of your source code: you could exclude this from the analysis unless you intend to maintain those third libraries code yourself of course.

Another way could be to again reduce the scope of the initial analysis and then to expand it by chunks.
For example, so you would typically run a first analysis with a reduced scope, and a second with the full scope.

Let us known if it happens again.



Thank you. Yes we already moved many folders out of the scope of the analysis. But it did not start. Now it works fine.

Thank you.

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