Problems with directory search in SonarQube

versions used (SonarQube, Scanner, language analyzer)

SonarQube :
SonarLint :
Intellij IDEA : 2021.1.3
Scanner : 3.1.1

Problems with directory search

We are maintaining a quite large code base (2M+ LOC) which is organised in a gradle multi-module project with ~40 modules. There are individual responsibilities for some modules tied to one or a couple of colleagues. Which is the reason, that we used the SonarQube support for modules quite heavily - until it was dropped in release 7.6. Well, as an SonarQube-Advocate in our organisation, I’d like to recommend some replacement and came to the “directory search”. But in my opinion the directory search doesn’t behave like one could expect.

When I initially open the directory , I see 15 directories sorted descending by the number of issues within these directores, which is fine for me:


But when I try to search for a specific directory, there is apparently no sorting and I don’t see actually what I’m looking for - the directories with the most issues:

I have some issues with this behavior:

  • Why are the directories with the most issues not shown anymore?
  • Why can’t I sort this by the number of issues in a folder? Maybe that could bring up the folders with the most issues?
  • Why are now “30 of 41 shown”? I would have expected many more directories in total - not only 41! And I would have expected only 15 to be shown initially!
  • Why are all the directories shown having no single issue? Searching for directories in this view, I’m only interested in directories containing issues!
  • Why are the directories with the most issues, containing my search string, are not shown at all anymore - even if I click on “Show More”:

Expected / Suggested Improvements

I’m aware of, which would be a quite good replacement for the former modules, but even then, I would expect the following in the directory search:

  • There should be a possibility to hide directories without issues.
  • Really all directories containing the search string should be presented - maybe initially only 15, but with the possibility to expand to all or to a maximum number (maybe 100) of search results.
  • The search result should be ordered descending by the number of issues, or it should be possible to set the sort order based on the number if issues whithin a directory.
  • The user should be able to define whether the search string is applied on a complete directory name or if partial matches should be presented too.

Coming back to my initial problem - the dropped support for modules in SonarQube, I have one more question: Is anyone aware of a plugin implementing the module support?

Just to prevent a misleading impression: I’m very fond of SonarQube and of the integration of SonarQube in our build process and in our IDE. I just would like to have some support for modules and I appreciate any support on this topic.


Thanks for the feedback. Since these are all feature requests, I’m going to move the topic to the New features category.


Thank you @ganncamp ! I’m really looking forward seeing this implemented.

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Hi @Thomas,

Thanks for the feedback!
I feel the description you made corresponds quite well to what we have in mind. I added some clarifications to the ticket.


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